Linkin Park has lost its touch recently.... i simply i love classic linkin park style when Mike used to rap and chester used to scream. There was a lot of energy in dere music den....But still I will Love Linkin Park 4eva....

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linkin park will never loose its touch you just failed to feel that touch
sorry but dont agree in a darwinian sense music is always evolving and so is LP.. and if you are true fan you would like them to make something new for us..... SO Go Linkin Park... Linkin Park Soldier For Life
if d meteora n hybrid theory days cme again.THe LP wll reach the top again

Sorry, but I have a different view.  I can understand this perspective after Thousand Suns.  But to me great bands experiment by taking risks and trying new styles/ideas, while still retaining their core 'essence'.  Probably the classic example of this is the Beatles.

Thousand Suns was a concept album, and it was great they took this risk.  But risks sometimes don't quite work, and in this sense I can understand this view if one was not that happy with Thousand Suns compared to their earlier releases. with Living Things...they have reached new heights.  This is their best so far, where they both have songs more like their earlier songs, and also have continued to venture into new areas.  In particular, Roads Untraveled shows a true maturing of the band by delivering a superb song in a new style for them.

Just my thoughts...

no they havent...they need to keep up with new ideas..they cant just sing the same way again and again! still they dont loose dat touch of what we are fond of. 



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