how many of u guys think LP will come to india ,so lets all ask and cheer for them to come to india since many of us r waiting .so what do you think

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Yes they will come.
But it will take time.
U know " Tour ".

I am expecting them by 2020.

Yes, 2020. Wish they'd come in 2011 itself though :(

i dont wanna be pessimistic,but it`s quite certain dat dey`re not comming india any sooner.

metallica is comin 2 india!

lp.......whr r u?:(((((


plz LP cum @ India I am ur hard core fan

lp thinks india doesnt have it .......and yea the crowd they expect wont be here.......even if the crowd is there who will bring lp to india .....we need teams right for managing....and i dont even see any indian in lpu community if we do things for lp only then they will do things for us......the question on their mind is CAN WE HOST THEM?   ...its upto us to prove them wrong or tell them they are damn right about us.....if we want lp then i guess there should be more than a discussion to be done.......its deepak for you waitin for lp like all of you! 


Manas Ghosh said:

Yes they will come. please come linkin park i want see ''new divide'' on stage with linkin park in" india"
But it will take time.
U know " Tour ".

i dont think they will come, because they dont know abt the craze we gt here not only for them for all kind of rock band..
In india we got thousands of rockband running in each and every street.. and all inspired by nirvana, linkin park, green day, metallica ..
they should come, they will gone mad by seeing our craze..and will +ively get neven seen crowd.. 



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