the album we have all been waiting for is coming to a close on september 14th we've talked soo much about the new linkinpark and the old on mania's the catalyst discussion but i think we needed a new title

reason s healing, and ect....on August 26th (go see ) we had alot of strong statements on the group wall 
and some which needed answers that will be given on the 14th


how shocked we will be or  will we not!?

i wanted to ask one more thing and that was for u guys NOT to talk about the new album the first day u hear iT ! i want to u guys to give ur selves time ! and soo that we dont rush anything with our mixed feelings (which might be the hardiest part )

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As the time is passing we become more &more happy than yesterday,I think it's the first summer that everyone want it to terminate the worst thing is the shock that you said.I pray not to face a strange album...
The thing im expecting is a new work that atracts me, no matter which topic is it talkin about. U know it realy doesnt matter 4 me, chizi ke va3 man moheme ineke be un mozu chetor pardakhte beshe. In kheili moheme!!
I realy hope this work give me good feeling!
Im sure ill be shoked, as i was at the 1st they i heard Catalys stems. But im still wishing that this album contain more Guitars!

And sure i wont talk ab0ut the album at the 1st day, it is sooooo soon to do this!! Ill just w8 to understand it, cuz im shoked and javgir as u kn0w!! :S

Btw, im loving this B&W cover!! :P
Yeah i really hope to0!
We wait and wait and wait and wait.............XD
Yadesh bekheir, vaqeanam hamegi shocked shodim!



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