1.how long have u been a fan??!(be true!!!)



2.what was the first song u heard???

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i've been a fan for 5 years! az dovome rahnamai divoneye lp shodam tamame zendegim avaz shod!!!

avalin ahangi ke shenidam!somewhere i belong bod!!! my life has changed ever since!!!LP ROCKS I LOVE THEM!!
I've been a fan since 2007, and the first thing I saw & heard from them was the music video of Crawling...I think I watched it about 40 times, in 4 days!
i've been a fan 4 about 1 year i think, maybe more or less. i'm not sure =/ even though i know them 4 a short time, but i love them sooo much <3 d first thing i saw and heared from them was d music video of faint, and i just became a biiiiiig fan of them =) they made my life completly changed. now lp is a big part of my life....
its like that 4 me tooo..they changed me soo much ! made me soo strong!! i love the person i am and its becouse of lp
:) manam 5sale ke eshghe LP'am:XxX az aval dabirestan:) pesar dayim mano eshghe LP kard,faghat 2ta az ahangasho..yeki Numb..yeki Easier to run ro behem bluetoothid..avalash hessesho nadashtam begoosham..kollan man akhlaghe gandi daram dar in zamine..chizayio ke baghie migushan dus nadaram:D vali ba'dana az too gooshim in 2ta ahango goosh kardam..hes kardam ahangaye jalebie..kamkam ahangaye dgasho az invar oonvar jur nemudamo...alan fek konam hammeye ahangashoono harruz migusham:-? ba inke kollan saram sholooghe
awesome!!!well i like littening to music in the car and when i'm walking down the streets ...sooo i have alot of time to hear my songs and stuff
I am a fan of LP since 2000 (maybe 2001 can't remember exactly) when In The End was released. So as you can guess, the first song I've heard of them was In The End =P
omg thats awesome!!! ur a fan from the very first album!!! lucky i was tooo tiny minded at 2000
well meeeh my sister who happens to be older than me for 10 years liked them in her teenage years so i knew them by just hearing their name n listening to their songs while she was listening to them but OFFICIALLY one day she was like "LP's new video... breaking the habit..." n craaaaappp [i guess it was 2004] n i watched the video with her n meeeh they were GOOD :P but i were a HIM fan that time actually heheh :P I always listen to linkin park you know i've never got tired of their songs. in my opinion they are somehow weird in a good way xD but what happened to my sister, she doesn't like LP anymore I guess since she considers herself as a granny [sounds SICK] :P dunno... they are good :)
wow i was thinking about that song to day (braking the habit) its sooo wierd how u can feel the meaning in the rythum of the song...)omg my friend likes hom tooo i dont know there not that good but okay in my point of view,...wow thanx 4 sharing that..lol..yaa lp is wierd NOT NORAML,,,,in the music world thats why i LOVE THem!! they're just soooo wierd in a very good way
i've been a fan of GREAT RESPECTABLE LP since 2007 i guess:D
the first song was, i remember well, IN THE END:X of course there were NUMB n WHAT I'VE DONE, too, all with some other songs of other singers that my friend had given to me...

afterwards, how could i stop myself listening to those terrifiiiic songs every night and day, nonstop:D??<3


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