Post your interesting LP pics here. The pics of LP that u think might be interesting 4 the others. Pics of your LP stuff, pics of the related things u find out there, or whatever...!! So that any new member or other friends can open here and find many interesting pics to see.

As i love photography, im starting this discussion. Actually this is an album rather than a discussion! This is what i wished mike to create! :-/

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i hate tattoos...but i like chester's if u like it u are.... didn't upload last time.....i hope it works this time....

Thank u mido 4 the nice pics, i love his tatoos too! He's awesome! But try to post them as pictures, not file attachments! :)

sorry....i'm not very fimiliar with these kind of thing....but now i know how it works....yey....

And Zahra.q ur pics r soooo nice too. The second pic, chester looks like the ppl who came from village! XD Why is his figure like otists?? :D
this pics r also my fav pics of chester, thank mido!
the second pic is one of the first pic of LP....because chester is wearing glasses....
and as u know at first he really looked strange....i don't like his style....
but he is getting better....

Another figure of chester like aqab mundeha!! lol
Omg mania, these black and white pics r driving me crazy! THEY R LOVELY!! Im saving them all, thank u! XD
Look at the last one, chester's like a teenager! XD

!!!!!! XD



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