Post your interesting LP pics here. The pics of LP that u think might be interesting 4 the others. Pics of your LP stuff, pics of the related things u find out there, or whatever...!! So that any new member or other friends can open here and find many interesting pics to see.

As i love photography, im starting this discussion. Actually this is an album rather than a discussion! This is what i wished mike to create! :-/

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forth one?? you mean uni ke dare signing mikone?? yes those are F*shes :) and why his friends went to Mike's part?

Jigh doonesh dare mizane birun:

khunevadegi stuff:

Hey zahra, thanx 4 ur awesome pics!! Look at mike's hand!! XD Moshakha3 dare rap mikhune!!!

And thank u 2 pouria, awesome chester pics!! His wife got some tattoos too!! beham mian! :D

Mania how do u post ur wallpapers with the high resolution available?? Tell me, i wanna know! XD
mania pout the wallpaper picture in ur hard and bring them with u so i can get them on my pc XD i cant load most of the pictures u post .. :(
stupid internet

th one with his hands in the air XD

I realy lOVe liveearth PiX ;) Iwish that Iwas there!!

Invaqte shab??? :O
U dige chera?? XD
Alittle old!

Zahra I love this pic too! More than the others! Yejuri mahve khafan shode!!

Negin!!!!!! Awesome picsss!! Love them all! Such a nice t-shirts chester is wearing!! I always Mikham chester's t-shirts!! :-/
Khafantarinesh une ke ba das yaqasho keshide!!

Mania thank u 4 ur pics. Awesome pics, as always!! Mike pics r sooo nice, saving!! Specially the one he's jumping!!!
And thank u 4 ur guidance!! Gonna upload HQ pics now! XD

When i watch this pic, I play LinkinPark and dream ab0ut being in a real LP concert! XD U can really look around!!(This pic is found by my little bro Sadeq)

Again thanks to Sadeq!! The kindest little bro ever!(kidding, all of them r!) XD

bebin manam monharef kardi!!..XD

me always mikham his t shirts too!!


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