Post your interesting LP pics here. The pics of LP that u think might be interesting 4 the others. Pics of your LP stuff, pics of the related things u find out there, or whatever...!! So that any new member or other friends can open here and find many interesting pics to see.

As i love photography, im starting this discussion. Actually this is an album rather than a discussion! This is what i wished mike to create! :-/

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tnx everyone + SADEGH;)) LOVE THE PIX<3
Thanx negin!! Really nice pics!!! Un tripe chestero kheili dus daram va un T-shirtesh! Tu filme Crank2 ham ba hamun t shirt umade!

Mania like button is what e exactly need!!! Ur last wallpaper r driving me crazy!!! These r the best pics u ever uploaded!!(Javgir shodam, qabliaam kheili khafan bud! XD)

Thank u mortaza, nice pics ;)

I love the last one!

omg i never saw the book XD...if i get it before the end of the world i'll take picture too XD...

i'd like to get my book signed XD i think that would be awesome XDaaaaaaaaaaaa chi migam XD...


love the picture morteza thanx

tnks zahra man ham ketabooo mikham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ax akharie bahal bod


im about the brreakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

waste my self oN youUUuUUuU

Wow.... Awesome pix Mahtab, thanx!! \m/
I still can't deny the fact that there r MANY pics of LP that I havnt seen yet!

Soo in love with the 3 first ones!
The third one must be a live performance in 2003, Cuz they really look like live in texas! But chester is shirtless in here..



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