i know it's hard and kinda impossible,but do your best to select the top 11!!!tnx!!!

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nazare man HAMASH fogholadas be joz ATS!
hala az 2000 miam be 2010 :
Hybrid Theory : Papercut - One Step Closer - With You - Crawling - Runaway - In The End - A Place For My Head - Pushing Me Away
Meteora : Don't Stay - Somewhere I Belong - Lying From You - Easier To Run - Faint - Fogure09 - Breaking The Habit - From The Inside - Numb (my fav)
Minutes To Midnight : What I've Done - Bleed It Out - Given Up - No More Sorrow
A Thousand Suns : The Catalyst - Iridescent - Waiting For The End
Top 11 kheili kame bokonesh top 40-50 !!!!!
hard thing to do....but ok....
i'll say my top 15....and i'll say why i love these songs....

1-given up....(because of that long scream of chester....)
2-my reason....(i don't with album is it...i think it's from the underground...lyric this ahang harfe ghalbame....i'm standing here but i'm on my way....
3-from the inside....(because of the lyrics....and its music video...)
4-A-six..or A-6....(because of its hard start....)
5-hit the floor....(it says don't be maghrur....u'll hit the floor some day....)
6-breaking the habits....(i love this because of chester...:D)

7 8 9 10 11--(i love these songs at the same rate....)
paper cut......with u.....points of authority....crawling.....
(because of the lyrics...rhyme....screams....

i continue to write...if there is no problem....i'll top 15...

12 13 14 15--
in the end....faint....lying from u....don't stay....
(i have a lot of memory with these 4 song....)

i think it's finished now....wo0o0o0o0o0w....
hard work....
there is alittle problem with my last comment....

i continue to write...if there is no problem....i'll top 15...

it's i'll say my top 15*
not i'll top 15...
i tried to edit it...but unfortunately i cann't....sorry...
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard ive never done this before ,....i think i need to think like crazy XD i'll post mine as sonn as i figure out X)
Its crazy!!!! ;D I first thought abt this q when u've been asked to write down ur fave songs videos when u join here it was realy confusing at first!
I remember I changed the list for abt 10 time!;D
or when ppl ask u abt
I always list my faves and I like this!! I keep changing after sometime
ofcours we like all of them, These are not my top songs,. songs that I'm in mood for them right now

my recent top
1.numb 2.crawling (i always cry for this song always) 3.p5hng me away(reani)
4.part of( didn't like it at first but automatically started to looove it, realy idk )
5.session 6.from the inside 7.runway
8.somewhere I belong 9.hardly breath(ONly chester part)
10.piano instrumental<3 {esp numb, faint, In the end}
11.in the end(its not my top11 its my top OneOne 4 ever cuz its the first song that I heard from lp ;)

I think it took one hour 4 me... couldn't explain reason 4 them , I guess it becomes clear ;)


 but.. ummm my top 11 list is :


2- Faint

3- Breaking the habbit

4- Catalyst

5- Leave out all the rest

6-From the inside


8- lil things give u away

9-Waiting for the end

10-What i've Done

11- In The End

(12-Some Where i Belong)




3.somewhere i belong

4.new divide

5.no more sorrow

6.breaking the habit

7.given up

8.what i've done

9.from the inside(sp. video)

10.wretches and kings

11.when they come for me

12.don't stay

13.leave out all he rest : METEORA





3:bleed it out


5:waiting for the end

6:one step closer 

7:In the end

8:burning in the skies 

9:what i've done

10:wretches and kings

11:breaking the habit.




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