Ok..!! here we go on our 1st discussion...!!  Why Linkin Park has not came to India yet!!..  So.. there r so many things that can relate it!! nd the most important of them is the fame of the fans...!

Do you ppl think that linkin Park think that they are famous in India??


I say no..!! coz thers is an Evilness in India..! Known as Piracy!!..

And as you know Sales of the albums.. Directly relates to the fame.  And You can know from the world wide stats of the album sales of the Linkin Park in India..!!


So We guys Have to make sure that people should be aware of it..!!

So that we can have more and more sales of Linkin Park albums in India!!


And we know there is a problem of indian parents ... that They dont prefer to buy their children Albums but they prefer to spend


 money to buy them Books nd all educational stuff!!


So this is also a hurdle... We can say..


But the thing we can do is that we can spare some money out for the album from our Pocket money.. or Small savings..!!


So guys I need u guys say on this topic.. i need ur views..!!

Coz this is where we can all discuss about the topic to bring LP IN INDIA



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yes you are totally right. THAT EVILNESS called piracy keeps Linkin Park from India, because they don't sell records there - like NONE. That is why they don't make mony there. So they won't come. To punish India for being evil. You will all go to hell!

It of course has nothing to do with promoters in India that are not confident enough to book them. Linkin Park does not decide were they go and were not. They get booked, they go, end of story! Stupid kid!



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