WHY exactly is it that just about everyone I've met hates Justin Bieber?? what's to hate about him? seriously though. think about it.. and don't think that i'm being hypocritical because i just wanted to know... be honest all!!

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enn:) soo many people?! hate him~woow i dont know~~im inChina now:)maybe he think every girl should love him~~ but its not ture~im a girl i dont like him ~~..... maybe beacuse his style~he sing that about love but i just wonder if he know what is ture, mened to be love?:) ?? so ooits my view:) only~:)lol:)

I hate hem cause he's an arrogant and egocentric person!!....  there's so meny  more reasons .... I just hate him.... 


well hes kinda talentless and hes only been picked for stardom cus hes good lookin to young girls, and hes not had to do any hard work to get were he is. ;]
hes girly n gay AT THE SAME TIME. he wants n expects the world to love him. he has a movie coming out. WHAT SINGER HAS A MOVIE ABOUT THEMSELVES?!?!? tht is y.

The reason i hate him because i hear it contently! its annoying. there is no Beieber fever there is never say never. ugh... he sounds like a little girl when he SINGS! I'm like on my last rope here with this kid.

JB this JB that

What About M.Shinoda! Hes twice as better than JB.

MShinoda Vs JB Umm I Say MShinoda

JB has no connection with FM,DBS Or LP

Not even close Damn even Styles of beyond. Ryu & Tak can over win JB just by one song

lmfao Phoenix can beat JB.


well i hate him because....because...well i dnt really know, well i do hate his hair..and.. he has an annoying voice and i clearly can't see why others love him so much.(no talent) and he's crap.



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