how would you describe a suit girl for Hatake sensei??
what would you do if Hatake choose you to be his girlfriend?
what would you do if he doesn't choose you? :D

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lol tenzo.. that would be like, choosing two heart.. xD

Tenzo(GIr's #1 Ninja Fan ) said:
I'd scream my head off if he picked me! Lol jk. Actually I would be very happy if he chose me. Kkakashi is very loyal and trusful person. He is awesome! He'll never let his comrades die. Though I do like Tenzo at the same time lol
I would love to see Kakashi date Kurenai-Sensei! But, Asuma fans would hate so, I don't want Kakashi to come between them!:|
it wond be so cool if Kakashi was dating Anko!
i will say "can we be just good friends?"im kidding:)i may be so ~~glad!!! woow maybe got cry~


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