i think we should choose the real name of our selfes cause all of us are in love with mike,chester,....
i think its wrong too choose some names like mike or lpfan or lp lover
i think we are commonweal so we dont need to say we love lp or some of the lp members
its rude...
in facebook myspace ... is ok too use lp or... in your names
what about you?
whats ur name?
are you agree with me?

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hmm, i see what you mean.. and in some ways i guess i do agree with u..
The only reason I kept it as LuvLP4ever is because its my online alias for everything!
Any site, social online group, youtube channel etc are in this name and it makes people who know me from an online site to find me on another by the same name.
and also alot of my close friends are not LP fans :( so I like to make the point that i am a hard core fan prominent by having this name...
I agree and get the point of what you`re saying.I thought that from day one,and have used my name.Maybe this question should be asked to the lp guys,if they like it or don`t give a shit what anyone names themselves.Food for thought
yeah, u'r right.we should really choose our own names.But u see,these days if u choose chester or mike or brad or lp lovers or what else as ur group name ,its really attractive.but creatin a profile on linkinpark.com with the names of any band members,its really bad...
same for me here. I thought I'd name myself chesloveLP but bcna's been my online alias for everything and it's related to where I live so.. well anyway my name's Anna :)
I do agree.... but well, I chose my name cuz that's what I was known by on the old LPMB so, well, it just stuck :D
yeah its true.but u can't change this modern world.
my name is satarupa.
i do agree with u.



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