Since LP LOST to Paramore (?!?!?!), I suggest we take them down in their current round against Tokio Hotel!
It won't change the fact that we lost, but Paramore won't win either! :D


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Hehe, it's a bit of a cheap revenge but sweet idea. I was gutted as I was trying to recruit more ppl to vote for LP and I have blocked myself out a couple of times on MTV that's how much I have voted on LP. What really surprised me is Muse lost against Tokio Hotel as well...??? Ppl don't have musical taste anymore???? Paramore and Tokio Hotel in the 8??? LP and Muse out??? There is something seriously wrong with the world! LP is the best and you can check out even on facebook! 25M followers! WOW! I think that's what matters...:))) LP is 4EVER THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you are right, there is no other band in the world as Linkin Park is



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