I've seen our beloved Slash once in a month.
I know some stuff went down, I don't know what and I don't think people really want it talked about here, but I just wanted to say... I miss him :(
Things really aren't the same without him, people who used to be the foundation of most cliques here are disappearing... Nexy is busy and can't be around as much.
Only half of what staff have promised us has happened, and they aren't communicating with us like they said they would (no offence Dan, Nex and Tiernan, stating facts, not pointing fingers).
It seems like LPC may be kind of dying...
Have you guys noticed it?

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I think you took what I said out of context a little but I wasn't exactly clear either...
I don't mean dying as no one will be here anymore, I mean dying as in, the great group of people this site used to have, it seems to be disappearing.
And I think that's really sad, especially since it has nothing to do with the ATS release, but instead, to do with site politics.

My point was more, where the f**k is Slash, than anything else lol.



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