love linkin park 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!

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i love papercut... and blackout


i dont know why... but awesome... so rockin up my world

My favorite song is waiting for the end. I like this song because is has a good topic, a good development of the lyrics
Cant choose...but if i have to it would be Blackout. The way Chester screams in that song and the way he and Mike sing together at the end is amazing.
From all the discussions I have seen since I became a member of this page, this is the most difficult to answer. As the other LP fans have being telling, is very difficult to choose an only one favorite song because I and most of the LP Fans love all their songs. I can't say what is my favorite song. When I try to think what song is, I always get confused and honestly I don't want you to read a big list which contains all the Linkin Park's songs. But I tell you all, that there is a special song that is highlighted between the rest of the songs, and this is Waiting for the end, because I like the rythm and the lyrics always when I listen this song, touch my heart. I doesn't mean that I don't like the rest of the song, but this is special. And Remember one thing, never never give up to listen LP songs because they're the best rock band in the world!!
I have more than 1 of my favorite songs,  such as : In the end (of course), Leave out all the rest (ost.twilight_romantic song), a place from my head (remain me of some1 i loved), numb (love the lyrics) , the messenger (my spirit song, love this), and actually i like all LP songs.....great band ever, LP 4ever
my favorite song of Linkin Park is waiting for the end because I love what it says it says I also like beautiful things between ..... but I like them all♥

Shadow of the Day is my favorite Song and Video! I just Love LP!

Ho.. my 44ite song of Linkinpark is What I've Done
This song reminds me that everything of my past experience is a mirror of reflection for me to be better in the future especially to human being and nature. thanks.

"NUMB" cuz it quite resembles my life

  All linkin park songs are unique and rOcking but sOme linkin park sOngs are so great that they cant be compared with any

thE song which i love the most iS Numb,From the inside and In the end

most songs are great :D♥

Crawling, In the end,   Numb. By Myself, these songs are my life's songs and    Describe me somehow 



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