Really broke my heart!
ok this maybe alittle late to discuss about that but i wanted to have your ideas about this
everybody remeber Mike's blog post about wiki page it said only for superfans when i read it i got somehow confused i mean what did he meant by superfans if we all werent huge fans of lp would we join his site any way but some days after i read the blog post i read sth else on mike's website it said lpu are superfans i mean when you read it , it calls only the lpu members the superfans i mean if i had a credit card i'd defenetly join the lpu cz it seems to be great but i cant and there's nothing i can do about and i'm it's the same way for many other fans also Linkin park has become one of the best events happened to me in my whole life and i've never liked any other band or celebrities like them , for me they're like very near people to me but i was really confused and broken hearted cz if i could i'd do anything for lp what's my fault?(for the lpu members i dnt mean anything bad , they're really superfans specially the ones who go to lpu summits i wish i could do the same, but what i mean hear is that we all love linkin park so much isnt it?)

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