Your comment about launching linkin park persian fans group at
نظر شما درباره راه اندازي گروه طرفداران ايراني لينكين پارك در لينكين پارك دات كام چيست؟

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Good idea, but it'd be better if we could somehow show the fans community that we exist here, and we aren't less than them in the other countries...or maybe even Linkin Park might notice this group once, this is possible if we can gather most of the Persian fans IS possible because I've seen this happen with other artists and Persian fans in their sites!

Iran is usually not considered as a "country" when it comes to music and those stuff, because bands and artists can never place live shows here, and basically, foreign music is illegal due to the laws so people can not officially buy albums and show their love to their favorite artists in the sale charts as "Iranian" fans, and it's like we're always just watching it happen, and no one considers us being there, being a part of it...
But I think we are, at least, we can be!
By the way, thanks for creating the group & good luck...
besiar khoob. omidvaram lp to iran pishraft kone
دمتون گرم خدایی غجب سایتی دست و پا کردیدی

come to & enjoy

خیلی عالیه . بالاخره همه ی ملیت ها برای خودشون صفحه دارن . ولی انجمن خیلی بهتره



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