Whats the best Catalyst Remix you've heard so far? Post the Youtube link or others! Mine is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbIXBJkY_90

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truth is, i hav 12 extra channels of my soundkit in the beats, but i mixed the sounds well, i swear if u listen to it from start to finish ull hear wat i sayin

Sihon Smith said:
ye i did, 46 hours isnt really that long. i not attacking u o nething but u kno that all LP was tryin to say was that they wanted an album track rite? so is lik evrybody fighting to build a better remix to the song instead of the song itself. they gave u the stems to use those stems and add a little flair with ur soundkits. so everybody elses fighting to add more instruments and making a better remix, while linkin park only wants a hit track. Thats y in the rules it says linkin park ll choose the winner, because they want a song that they lik for their album, They also sed they listen to all submissions, so it wuldnt even matter if the person is at number 1 because its jus people who voted who got him ther. At the end of the day LP has the final say
Unbelievable!! Check This out Man
Try this one: Remix Rock Video of "The Catalyst": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsW2evVlQ1Q
I think everyone did a great job but a lot of the vocals are off. Let me know what you think about this one! Of course I did it.I also had to improvise a little bit. Thanks for your ears!
I from Russia, am my version of the well-known track "The Catalyst", I wish to take part in competition "Linkin Park featuring you" and to win!



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