If you cant get youtube you wont be able to watch these


01 Fire
02 Crawl Back In
03 Too Late
04 Inside Of Me
05 Let Down
06 Give Me Your Name
07 My Suffering
08 Condemned
09 Into You
10 End Of The World
11 Walking In Circles
12 In The Darkness

Lyrics for condemned are wrong i've posted correct

ones later in forum

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dear katrin…

:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( tat;s terrible :( 

I hope you dont ever go through tat kinda pain again

I've never lost a person I love so I dont quite know how it feels, but i know its really bad, sad :(

Katrina. B said:

yeah he died nov 2010 @ 51 not nice to see him decline

liver failure because of genetic condition he never knew he had until it was in final stages of failure. he never drank alcohol or smoked within 6 months of finding out about this he was gone

he got transplant it never worked then his kidneys packed in they had a matter of no longer than a day to find another liver. me n sister were devestated

that night we were phoned by the hospital they had found another match. o how our hopes were raised again,

he went into theatre next morning. he had survived 2nd transplant he was still very ill. our hopes were raised again  the new liver had started to work and his kidneys had started to function again without dyalisis.
he had been kept in a medically induced coma the whole time,

it had been a long week we decided to leave before visting was over. we got a phone call at 7am asking how quick we could get to the hospital

he had a massive heart attack through the night and nothing would restart it. the stress of the 2 transplants.(over 8hrs op time each)

that was the worst week of our lives. my dad had brought us up by himself since i was 2 my mum never gave a shit bout us.

you couldnt have met a nicer guy than my dad. for years he struggled to bring us up. he always found a way to make sure we didnt go without

thats when i started listening to LP again their songs always made the day pass. and cheered me up  until the first time i heard leave out all the rest
omg burst into tears.                                                                


just writing this has set me off crying again.

R.I.P DAD 4 JUNE 1959- 25 NOV 2010  @ 51 YEARS

When i look to the stars i know just where you are,
your looking down apon me-- (fire dead, by sunrise)

keep me in your memory leave out all the rest

Im soo sorry for you Katrin :'( :'( :( :(

Its so hard to keep your head above water at these times, but its never too late... 

I hope and i wish with all my heart that you overcome all your problems and lead a healthy and happy life ahead of you. :)

Katrin Kaskla said:

I'm sorry, Katrina. I know how it is to lose somebody important to you. My mum was pregnant twice. And it wasn't me, who had to born first. It was my sister. But she died. My dad hit my mum, when she was pregnant. And after that situation she had a problem with childbirth. But my mum wanted a child and doctors did an operation. After that I was born, but mum was very weak. Fortunately she's still alive. But I'll never forgive that dad have done. He is still aggressive... but not with my mum, with me. I still have a scar inside of me. And when somebody hurts me, this scar "bleeding" inside and I feel really bad. I had these situations when I think, that I should give up. I have nobody to protect me. Sometimes I feel really helpless. I remember when I thought why I'm here... I think like that right now too... For what I've to fight?  I want to be happy, but then I feel, like something is going well, I'm losing it all. And this pain... you can't imagine it... I just can't take it anymore. Sometimes I think I shouldn't be here... I don't that somebody even needs me... we were really close with my mum, but not now.  I want to be with these people, who really love me, is it too much to ask??? Sometimes it seems yes. I remember the period of my life, when I wanted to leave all... It was really painful time... I'm sorry guys, I feel really bad now... The scar started to "bleeding". I don't want you guys to you guys to feel that pain. Sorry, Katrina, just keep your dad in your memory, and he will be always with you. I believe that you're dad was really good person. You're lucky. I think that everyone, who had hard periods on life, like LP music, because they found themselves in the lyrics. I started to crying too...


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