Its not perfect I know.. (am still learning).. Iredescent is only a sample.. (1st verse and chorus)

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Thanks.. I wish I was in a metal band now.. Might get my band up n running again.. Am gonna have to advertise this scream on here to everyone.. Cos I need feedback off people just to feel a little more confident do u know what I mean? :)
Ok thankyou.. Yeah I will probably consult you about that, thanks for your support :) same goes for me.. Im always here to help.. :) actually could u do me a small favour n spread the word about this scream and the other songs that ive done.. I thankyou so much.. Hope its not to much for you.
Erm yeah I want a band like linkin park.. My best mate can rap.. I can do vocals and scream so ive kinda got the foundations set up.. Lol.. Yeah cool that sounds like a good band for you n a good guitar :)
Yeah u told me ur in a band lol :) haha yeah.. Well I think LP is more mike shinoda's idea.. I think .. Am not 100% on that one lol.. Well u can hear my singin tomorra n so can katy b.. Right am off to sleep mike.. thanks for all the support n everything.. Much appreciated :) .. speak tomorra .. Adios omego ..

Gotta get it to my phone to check it out :) 

WHOAAAAAAA!!!! Ur awesome dude!!!!! U shud be a friggin hardcore heavy metal band!!!!!!!!! 

That scream was mind blowing seriously :D

Thankyou Anwesha :D .. Haha do u think .. Lol.. I didnt think I was that good tbh :)
No one does what?
Orite ok haha.. Yeah thats true :)

Dan!! Iridescent was awesome!! especially your voice in the chorus was quite steady and really good :) and as i said, you've got some great potential to sing ;)

Thankyou anwesha :).. Yeah I think ma chorus part is alright and I can do the long notes.. And thankyou for recognising ma potential :)

lol im still waitin have u watched ann's guitar cover of A7X



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