What made you fall in love with Linkin Park? Who is your favourite and why?


You can use this forum to introduce yourselves to the rest of the group.

Feel free to share as little or as much as you want about yourself. 


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My fist time i heard LP was way back with crawling and in the end, i loved those songs and still do .The talent they have is amazing.I hadn't listened to them for a few years until i watched transformers and loved those songs especially new divide.So i hunted for my hybrid theory album but some one must have stolen it.So i had to buy it again then i saw all the other albums and thought f***k it and bought them all at once. I'm so glad i did there are so many great songs.

 Please share your thoughts on LP.

My favourite is chester he is well hot and i love his voice.To be honest every member is so talented at what they do.Massive respect to LP for all charity work they do. It goes to show how nice these guys are.

Emiliana, i take it by looking at your groups that you fan of mike. i think he well talented.do you prefer when he raps or sings or both. think you can tell mine is chester lol.

When I first saw the video from MTV "One Step Closer" or "Papecut" and the way how Chester changed his hairstyle all-the-time was impressive for me. In any case as soon as I heard them, I realized that this is a very good band(and cool guys). In my support was when they started, but in the meantime after "Meteora" my interest faded. Then I saw video "What I've Done, and" Shadow Of The Day, "and my interest went back to high.
When I came across to the official LP site and found LPU Summit event (and read about what it is etc.) I was amazed that LP members are so friendly and responsive to their fans. Spend the day with them, etc., and then there are video chats etc.. It shows how they care about their fans.
  It seems that my favorite is really Mike Shinoda: well i like the way how he rapping and sings (so yes both), he is interesting, sensitive, loyal, he has goddamnit wonderful great look(extremely handsome). Also, I like his solo project "Fort Minor" which was quite funny because I usually do not listen to hip-hop music as "Fort Minor" seems well and it is detent. Inspirational person in all respects(in every way).
  His views as to why the news is shown only to people who arefilthy rich, slightly violent, and famous without any particular skill or talent. People are more interested in news, such as those and not so much what really going. The Way like he suppesed to belong to that celebrity group but he don’t feel like he do and how he expressed it all his art show "The Glorious Excess"
  Of course, I like all LP members. Some thoughts about Chester: The way how he can sing beautifully and also great screaming. Cool and highly handsome.
I also like his other band "Dead By Sunrise" it's great electronic vibes. A man of talent.
  Hugh applause for Joe Hahn, who has produced many videos on LP!
They are all talented and they have a very good sense of humor.

Thanks for sharing emiliana. have to agree shadow of the day will definetly draw your attention, chester with kit off hehe. They are so nice and down to earth and sometimes bit mental (reminds me of myself sometimes lol) . i've seen some funny as hell videos of chez joking around had me in stitches.I dont mind mike singing or rapping i too like both.I notice that mike seems to be the most active band member on here.

great job joe! funny most the videos i like are directed by him. I love chez' screams, i'm surprised he can sing so beautifuly after all that lol.

i love this band they are so cool and it's great they keep in touch with fans. i'd love them even more if they accept my friend requests.

also great job rob on drums.phoenix on bass and brad  on guitar,joe on turntable it is so great! awesome talent. have to admit i like the the heavier tunes,

bleed it out

given up



 thats the ones i can think of just now prob like them all actually but i also love the chilled tunes to

my december

little things give you away

leave out all the rest

and loads more  lol i think i should have just said love all of them it would have been the quicker answer.haha

the first time I heard LP was "I ! Become So Numb!~~~~~"that made me exciting!

and the second time is "Don`t turn you back on me !I Won`t be Ignored!~~~~~"

from then on . I just totally fall in love with these guys

great song numb one of my faves thanks for input.

Scotty who is your fave band member?

of course Mike!haha~

Katrina. B said:

Scotty who is your fave band member?

mine is chez like mike too he great love them all really there amazing

yeah~and rob too~


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