What made you fall in love with Linkin Park? Who is your favourite and why?


You can use this forum to introduce yourselves to the rest of the group.

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So I have something similar with Mike. xD We are sensitive. :D

Emiliana said:

When I first saw the video from MTV "One Step Closer" or "Papecut" and the way how Chester changed his hairstyle all-the-time was impressive for me. In any case as soon as I heard them, I realized that this is a very good band(and cool guys). In my support was when they started, but in the meantime after "Meteora" my interest faded. Then I saw video "What I've Done, and" Shadow Of The Day, "and my interest went back to high.
When I came across to the official LP site and found LPU Summit event (and read about what it is etc.) I was amazed that LP members are so friendly and responsive to their fans. Spend the day with them, etc., and then there are video chats etc.. It shows how they care about their fans.
  It seems that my favorite is really Mike Shinoda: well i like the way how he rapping and sings (so yes both), he is interesting, sensitive, loyal, he has goddamnit wonderful great look(extremely handsome). Also, I like his solo project "Fort Minor" which was quite funny because I usually do not listen to hip-hop music as "Fort Minor" seems well and it is detent. Inspirational person in all respects(in every way).
  His views as to why the news is shown only to people who arefilthy rich, slightly violent, and famous without any particular skill or talent. People are more interested in news, such as those and not so much what really going. The Way like he suppesed to belong to that celebrity group but he don’t feel like he do and how he expressed it all his art show "The Glorious Excess"
  Of course, I like all LP members. Some thoughts about Chester: The way how he can sing beautifully and also great screaming. Cool and highly handsome.
I also like his other band "Dead By Sunrise" it's great electronic vibes. A man of talent.
  Hugh applause for Joe Hahn, who has produced many videos on LP!
They are all talented and they have a very good sense of humor.



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