Fav Songs/Videos/Remixes and exspectations for the new record :)

First of all :) Welcome everyone :D To start a discussion let's start with something...simple :D
Talk about ur exspectations for the new record..Your fav songs...Videos...and which one is ur fav remix on Reanimation? :)

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good question. I expect that LP'll shift all expectations again ;) They are great in this way.
My favorite song is Figure09 (I was very happy when found this song's demo listed in LPUCD). Videos...OMG they're all great (cuz most of them are shot by the great mr.Hahn XD). Seriously my fav video is Numb....and Papercut
Pushing Me Away's remix is fav from Reanimation
i really want the album to be a sonic sounding, futuristic like hardcore rock album. Something like a mix of Meteora album, futuristic sounds like New Divide, Leave Out all the rest remix, and mikes raps from meteora. Crazy beats and mixes like the one from New divide's bridge. And somethign just so insanely unsuspected that it'll be just going crazy with all the fans. something all the fans want.
4 the new record i expect it 2 be amazing and unique w/ a lot of rapping by mike and screaming by chester, also hope 2 hear more from Mr. Hahn!! fav songs would be points of athourity, high voltage, step up, and one, papercut, faint, w/ u. fav vid would be what i've done & in the end
I think the new LP record is going to sound machine shredded, with rapping, screaming and singing between Chester and Mike on the same song! Plenty of beats and electronics, but the record is going to be an entirely different sound than what we're used to. The rock is going to be amped to psycho crazy. I think I just saw into the future lol. My favorite songs are My December, In Pieces, Valentine's Day, Numb, and Pushing Me Away. My favorite videos are From the Inside, What I've Done, and Numb. My favorite Reanimation remix is My December.
I hope they go old skool, like the beginning. But I think their going to take the last album a step further, so more singing from Mike and more poprock...

In the end I don't care as soon as it comes out I'll buy it and play it 24/7 XD
my fav remix is wth u reanimation



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