what was the first lp song u heared of??

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the first song was breaking the habit
My father bought the One Step Closer Maxi-CD in 2000. I loved them since the beginning. But im a hardcore fan since 2006
I heard "IN THE END" AND "NUMB" was next n from tat day onwards i m crazy about them. After listening 2 LP it is impossible to even listen other bands so the question of liking any other s does not arise at all.
I heard the song "Somewhere I belong" from a friend of me and then I started searching for another songs of LP.
i listenes to them and i liked there songs and i'm now of there fans
what i have done
linkin park fan said:
my first song was the''numb''
I didn't know anything about Linkin Park till I watched Transformers 1 and saw the credits.
There was "What I've Done" in the background, and I was like:
"Oh my god I HAVE to know what this awesome song is!"
So I searched for it, found out that the band was called Linkin Park and fell in love with all of their songs! <3
In The End...!!
in the end



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