what was the first lp song u heared of??

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in the end


The Song of my life still <3   ;)

Since that song I can't live without them...iiiiimpossible, I would rather die

*Thank god there's Linkin Park*

There were so many songs by Linkin Park that I had never realized were by them!!!  I had already heard so many of their songs without even knowing it...and I loved every single one!!  But the first one was definitely Numb :D
Linkin Park....My Life can't live without them.......
Somewhere I belong,In The End!!!! LuvvVVvVvvvVvVvVV Them <3

given up was the first song ;)


Crawling. I was in the car and my dad was listening to a song he new on the radio and it was that song, I liked the song so much then I started listening to the Hole cd hybrid theory, I was like 8 when I first heard the song.
In the end...



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