what was the first lp song u heared of??

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i heard one step closer at that moment i loved chaz!and now im a chazfann!u c
It started with In The End in 2002 :) and it's still one of my fav songs :))
Numb was the reason why i started to love LP. And why numb? Just because we sang it in one school contest.
My fist music was Crawling and Points of Authority on radio... now I'm addicted in LP !!!!!!!!
saw the one step closer clip at 2000 :)
My fate as a Linkin Park fan started from the very moment I heard Numb on the radio, as I was sitting on the school bus.
I saw first Crawling video on tv at 2001 (maybe 2002). I felt love at first sight with LP. I was wondered that who is singing that song. I was waited for end of song to read singers name. Then I saw this was Linkin Park....... I am addicted for years. LP is my one and only addiction :))
breaking the habit, but then I didn't know it was from Linkin Park XD
The first song was From The Inside and I heard it because my brother was watching videos on Youtube and suddenly he put that videoclip =) Like I said once, it was love at first sight =P
in 2006 i've heard on my cousin's phone In the End,Crawling( which is maybe my favourite lp's song...it's difficult to choose because all lp's songs are great) and numb which i have heard before but i didn't know who had written it.It started from that afternoon...i downloaded from my cousin's phone them immediately and then, a few days before i've bought Hybrid Theory



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