what do u luv about lp that just makes u crazy bout them/ their music. be honest now it can be a broad variety to that they're cute, adorable, have amazing music, talented, hard workers, ect.


for me i think they're all of the above that i just listed & o ya i almost forgot they can be hilarious at times espically during some of their lptv episdoes! :D

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I'm addicted, because I love LP's concerts, music, personalities, looks and videos :)
yeah !!!! all those thigs !!!! XD
There is actually a story behind my addiction....If you feel like reading it all XD
I was in 5th or 6th grade when I firs listened to them. on that time I've been quite lonely....I had one true friend that I could meet and hang out with, but we couldn't always meet. So I spent a lot of time alone. The problem was that I didn't fit my age group, what turned me to kind of an outsider... I wanted to have friends. So badly that i said and did things i don't believe or agree with just to hope to have friends (For the protocol, it didn't work). one of the things was to listen to mainstream music so I could join to a conversation about Rihanna's new song or whatever...I didn't like the mainstream too much.. it was as if I've been looking for something that I'm not sure what it was. in around that time my big brother opened a video which was an AMV of Final Fantasy - In The End Breaking the Habit. I heard that and I liked that. after a while, I began to hear Linkin Park's songs on the radio, and I found out that I like it more than other songs. after that i made a decision. I went to a music store to buy a Linkin Park album (I was a little nerdy girl, so I bet that the sell-person was surprised). He gave me Meteora and let me listen to it on headphones. I've listened to it and said:"This is what I was looking for" I bought it on that day and from that moment on, I gave up upon masks and disguises and believed that I could have true friends only if I will be myself. today I'm going to be in 10th grade, I got Hybrid Theory and Minutes To Midnight accept for Meteora, I have true friends. I am no longer lonely, and I don't hide behind masks anymore. It took me a long time to realize that but, Linkin Park really have changed my life in a way. I didn't understand something crazy about my life through their lyrics (My English lamed back than, Chester was screaming so loud and Mike talked so fast that i barley understood anything) but it helped me throw away my masks. Besides, people will be my friends only if they will like me all the time and not in certain moments when I pretend.
That was my long story. sorry if i was boring XD

P.S: I remember that when I listened to Meteora on the first time, Linkin Park seemed so tough and that... after I watched the LPTV I found out that they're just a bunch of crazy hilarious idiots!
My name is Taylor and I have a problem...I am addicted to Linkin Park, but I have no intentions of getting help :D  What makes ME addicted to Linkin Park??  Well first of all, they are extremely cute.  Second of all, their music really relates to things in my life that are going on right now, which is another thing about them I love; all of their songs are unique and relatable to the fans.  Third of all, they do so much for their fans!!  From the tours and concerts to the meet and greets and interviews, these guys really do care about ordinary people!!  I mean, just look at how much they've done in the past few years for Haiti and Japan.  They are true humanitarians :D  And I too love LP tv...I'm working on buying every episode on Itunes :)

LP has AMAZING MINDBLOWING VERY CREATIVE music that instantly gets you hooked, <3 and they all have awesome personalities and looks <3 they are very cool guys <3

also (i forgot to add this to my reply) I am in 5th grade and when i go to school i tell my friends about lp, but only one of my friends likes them and that makes me pretty sad ;( but i will always love lp NO MATTER WHAT!! LINKIN PARK FOREVER!<3 <3


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