Welcome Linkin Park fans, to the LPMC!

Remember this company? Remember how it suddenly died out? Well, we're here to bring it back to life!

On May 27, 2007, Sandra (Rocksquirrel, now "<a herf="http://www.linkinpark.com/profile/ServantOfSorrow">Servent of Sorrow</a>") and Nicole (nicolehayley) decided to come together and form this little union (on the original LP.com)

On December 19, 2009, Dan (dragonlp20) decided to bring this little party over to the new LP.com..

In this company, you can grab random products and photoshop them into Linkin Park products!

Click to view the LPMC archives!

[Please note: member list is from the original LPMB and has the screen names of those members on that MB]

Presidents / Owners / Founders : Nicole (nicolehayley) and Sandra (Rocksquirrel)

Ana (SiriusLPer) Also known as the Head of Paint

Head Security:
Jeremy (Cajunfan)

Network/Security Administrator

Tassia (heyosnow)
Ana (lp_fm_fan)
Nicole Nia (polkadots)
Dan/Dragon (dragonlp20)
Hanna (Avii)

Christina (Aniria)
Neera ( lproxn)
Sonia (LPrnw@y)
Jenny ( Jenny)
Lauren (Lozza)
Chris (chris_lp4eva)
Razor (TheEh)

Castro (or frank)(RaDiOAcTiVe2)
Ann (NoFace)
Lorena (The17thUndertow)
Jay Peryman (Peri92)
Elliott (light101dark)
Giselle (True_liez)
Brian X (MrXfromLPU)
Athulya (simply2cool)
Edward (MTM)
Sofia (Sofia_LP4eva)
Jeff (Jay_of_Diamonds)
Blaire Kim (ZARAcutie)
Maria(billie jean)

If you would like to join our company and become an employee, fill out this application:

Name: [real name & old LPMB screen name]

Why you want to work for us:

Give an example of a LP product you'd like to make:

Do you own photoshop or paint?

Do you have a crazy mind?

Do you have an elementary school education?

Ladies and gentlemen of the lpmb! On Friday, June 8, 2007, one of our faithful employees(Christina) attended a Linkin Park concert and had a sign that says "Linkin Park Marketing Company, we own you" And Mike laughed and pointed it out saying "You guys are the craziest people on the LPMB"

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@LPrnway: glompage
what up? I so can't wait til sandra and nicole get here
oh gosh, this makes me sad :,)


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