1. In the end

2. Numb

3.What Ive Done

4.New divide


6. one step closer

7. faint

8. in pieces

9. waiting for the end

10. bleed it out

11. The catalyst

12. lying from you

13. papercut

14. crawling

15. Breaking the habit

16. Leave out all the rest

17.somewhere i blong

18. given up

19. shadow of the day

20 . blackbirds

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Oh It is hard :D :D but I try :

1. iridescent

2. in the end

3. the catalyst

4. numb

5. breaking the habit

6. the messenger

7. wretches and kings

8. when they come for me

9. bleed it out

10. waiting for the end

11. across the line

12. new divide

13. fallout

14. and one

15. papercut

16. no roads left

17. runaway

18. a place for my head

19. points of authority

20. Valentine's Day

I think it isn´t right, but I really try :D Oh my head ... :D :D

I made Linkin Park top 15 by fans topic few months ago, but anyways here's my top 20:

1.One step closer


3.From the inside


5.A place for my head

6.In the end


8.Given up


10.Breaking the habit

11.Points of authority

12.Bleed it out

13.Valentine's day

14.Leave out all the rest

15.Waiting for the end


17.Iridescent/The messenger

18.No more sorrow

19.Lying from you

20.What I've done


That's freaking hard, I love every single song they've made.

1.In The End



4.New Devide

5.The Catalyst

6.Waiting For The End

7.Lying From You

8.What I've Done

9.Pushing Me Away

10.Somewhere I Belong


1. Breaking The Habit

2. Iridescent

3. Numb

4. Waiting For The End

5. Crawling

6. The Messenger

7. Somewhere I Belong

8. From The Inside

9. No Roads Left

10. Hardly Breathe

There are WWAAAYYY more but oh well, I love them all!!! =D

From The Inside?????

1.- When they come for me.

2.- Wretches and Kings.

3.- Papercut.

4.- Figure 09.

5.- Lying from you.

6.- Bleed it out.

7.- No more sorrow.

8.- The Catalyst.

9.- Blackout.

10.- What I Have Done.

11.- From the inside.

12.- Faint.

13.- Points of Authority.

14.- Across the Line.

15.- The Messenger.

16.- Iridescent.

17.- Blackbirds.

18.- Numb.

19.- The Little Things Give You Away. 

20.- Waiting for the End.

Top 20 songs


2.Robot Boy

3.Leave Out All The Rest


5.In The End

6.We Made It


8.Somewhere I Belong

9.Shadow Of The Day

10.My December

11.New Divide

12.What I've Done

13.Waiting For The End

14.Not Alone

15.Nobody Listening

16.In Pieces

17.Valentines Day

18.When They Come For Me

19.From The Inside

20.Breakig The Habit


Well every Song By Linkin Park is my favourite but the best songs that motivates me alot are-------

1. In the End

2. Numb

3. Somewhere I Belong

4. Hand held high

5. Burn it down

6. Lying from you

6. Pushing me away

7. Robot Boy

8. Breaking the habit

9. Crawling


  3. NUMB
  6. FAINT

My List is :

  1. Numb
  2. New  Divide
  3. What I've Done
  4. In Pieces
  5. Breaking The Habit
  6. The Catalyst
  7. Pushing Me Away
  8. Castle Of Glass
  9. Iridescent
  10. I'll Be Gone

To be honest I love every song they make !!    Its so hard to decide!!


20.  High Voltage

19.  Runaway

18.  My December

17.  In Pieces

16. In Between

15. In the End

14. New Divide

13. Blackout

12. Faint

11. Leave Out All the Rest

10. Robot Boy

9.   Iridescent

8.  One Step Closer

7.  Burn It Down

6.  When They Come For Me

5.  Rhinestone (back when they were Xero)

4.  Burn It Down 

3.  Breaking the Habit 

2.  Numb

1.  Waiting for the End

my top 5:

1.in the end

2.burn it down 

3.new divide

4.bleed it out

5.the catalyst


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