Is the music video The Catalyst an extraterrestrial reenactment done by Linkin Park?  Has the band provided a full explanation of what the music video is about?

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Hmmmm...I really don't know! If I remember well it's usually Hahn that does that directing for the videos, and from past interviews he usually says there's a story behind it, but I think I'm just too much of a simpleton to understand this one. I did find it beautiful from an abstract point of view. Like a moving painting, lol! Then again, I've always been a fan of making art for the sake of making art. It's great when there's a purpose behind it or know that it stemmed from something...but at the same time, just the sheer desire to get up and say, "let's make something awesome" works for me too, lol!

It's supposed to be a take on how tragedy and celebration would look like simultaneously. Here's a link of Mike and Joe discussing the video:


And this is the making of the catalyst:


Hope this helps! =)

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