hi guys i was wondering about your idea of sending our votes to linkin park for making a song of what's happening in the world i mean the eastern countries (the protests) like hands held high and what i've done and also not alone ,it's also somehow their music style cz these people need help and these bad presidents need to be knocked down by the press as well as their nations. waiting for your answer your friend BHM . as well let's try to give new ideas for helping japan

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I Like The Idea 

very enthusiastic idea.


thank you so much for the ones who support my idea
thank you for your support

AUK17 said:

very enthusiastic idea.


thanks for your support my dear friend

Marina Sebastián Diaz said:
I Like The Idea 
cool!!! lets do it \m/

nice post sista...

thats a good idea... lets just make it true :) 

i think its gonna be really awesome if linkin park make a song that inspired by the idea which the fans gave to them, gonna feels like.... they could be the voice that we didnt have...by the music, we tell them [japan] that we care too

That's a good idea, but Linkin Park have already done a song for Japan, It is called Issho Ni, and it is an instrumental song
I wish I had the talent and knowledge to tell Japan how I feel. But I'd only make things worse, LP has got this.
I agree with you, if linkin park makes a song and the song touches the heart that will make them realize that many of our brothers whoneed help from us

very awesome ideia dude 
liked it

may i sugest the song "Nobody is listening" ? or "In the End" ? 
loved the ideia man 



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