how many of u think that some other band can beat LP.well i dont think ANYONE can beat them


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no one in the WORLD can beat LP so LP rocks
nicely said bruv
what a silly question =)))))))))))
LP rules forever
If LP re-use the old style, but there will never be beaten but the new album is horrible
i dont think so...
a thousand suns has no problem...
it's completely perfect
HELL NAH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO other band in the world can beat LP! other bands dont show thier true love for their fans and no other bands help out in charities, reliefs, fundraisers and other things! and NO other band has the talent and the ablility to make different styles of thier own music like rock, hip-hop, rap, electronic, reggae, and metal. LP IS THE ONLY BAND THAT CAN DO ANYTHING THAT NO OTHER BAND CAN DO!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's my statement.
nicely said man .i completely agree with you.NOBODY IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD CAN BEAT LINKIN PARK
Yes, I don't think there are some band can beat them. They are so wonderful and unique!!!!
I love them and support them forever!!!

Asking that question at Linkin Parks website where their fans stick around, what answer do you expect? :P
I like many bands, but I was born to listen to Linkin Park.



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