so i was a member of lpu before, and i just signed up again. is there any way for me to get my old user name back? it didnt ask when i signed up, just used my full name, which id rather not use.

thanks in advance...

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You can change this in your settings in the right hand panel.
hmmm i think i did it?
thanks kathy :)
How you doin, chicka???
hi :) im pretty good. finally decided to check the new lpu out. havent decided how i feel yet lol
hows you miss robynn?
WOAH!! Pie!  You both are here

LOL  I check in here from time to time, Kathy.


I'm good. Now that they've added the t-shirt and stuff, I'm just waiting for the dedicated message boards to join again.  If that happens, I'll be there. 



Now I want pie.

I'm soo hungry, too.


I need money to join T_T



I made stew. It's delicious!!




Money's over rated. I'm getting a settlement on my child support. $11K out of the $63K he owes. But I won't see any more than that if I had just taken payments of what they could attach...$55 a month until he dies. Lesser of the icky choices I had.  Money won't be the issue...being worth it will be.

*huggles you both* anyone other fun people still around?
we've been tryin to buy a house- as over rated as money is...i wish we had a bit more right now lol
I don't think so. We're still in haXor-land (LPU9) message boards, for those who can still get in.  It's pretty dead over there lately, too. :(

They're in Haxor-land. I have been exiled from Haxor-land.


Money's over rated? I should just buy LPU instead of clothes????

Wait, what???  You can't get back in again????



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