I guess all the guys over here are hardcore lp fans. I need all you guys to 'EXPRESS YOUR LOVE FOR LP' .Also write a few lines about when you first heard a LP song/album and your reactions.

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I can't write much, i know i will lack in words .They are just awesome. So much energetic and so much creative that i can't help loving them from the bottom of my heart.

LP every moment
LP everyday
can't live without you now
cuz you are my oxygen

LP every moment
LP everyday
i need to breath you in
over and over again...
cuz LP is my......... oxygen
thank you LP for your amazing music!! It changes my life, it makes it better :)
I love LP. A few years ago my friends played linkin park in his car and ever since then I was hooked :D
I remember all of my feelings when i've heard LP for the first time)))) it was something incredible)))) the song was "in the end")))could say that i've heard them owing to the anime Naruto))))i don't watch this anime about 2 years, but Linkin park still stay at my heart)))) thank u very much for ur music))
well the first song ive heard was some where i belong/meteora iam a fan of them since then,wht abt u????????????
Linkin Park was the greatest sound i had ever heard. Thanks to them I started discovering other music other than the latin music i only use to hear. LP has inspired me to play the piano and guitar. I love Lp's music so much that i only want to learn the piano and guitar to play their songs. The first song I heard was IN THE END. I just fell in love with Chester's voice. The song is catchy and that was when I discovered that I like rock music. I just loved the guitar in IN THE END. I havent been a fan for a long time but these three years I have learned so much from them that I joined LPUNDERGROUND. I'm making a scrapbook and I'm trying to find excuses to put Chester, Mike, Rob, Joe, Phoenix, and Brad in there. LP
LP is part of my life
hey everyone!!!
i love Lp of course and its a part of my f***ing life...Lp is the one of the bands who doesnt follow the crowd and doesnt work for money!!!they just do what they like and i totally support them....let there be THE ROAD TO REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!
Well,the first song I've heard was "In the end" and I liked it...then I've heard "What I've done" .I'm totally crazy about it.also I was really impressed the music video.I started listen often LP over one year ago and I was suprised that songs can be so true and honest and that I can listen them all the time.Moreover members are really funny and I like them and their songs.This music changed me and my life.:)
i cant leave LP....
Who told you to.......

takeo o stochastís said:
i cant leave LP....
Oh yeah! For the first time I heard Linkin Park somewhere in 2004. I've turned on TV and cleaned up the room and then I heard their song-"Breaking the habit" I immediately fell in love with this song, clip, these sounds ...Oh well, just the song for the soul!.. But you know the most interesting thing to come. You'll probably laugh now). I saw the clip once, and forgot the name of the group ).Then I asked all my friends and acquaintances: "Don't you know who performs this song?Well, there are clip-cartoon?" Everybody looked at me weird.. Finally one friend knew at once who I'm talking about - about Them.) That's when it all began) I downloaded songs more and more :"In the end", "Somwhere I belong"...These guys are just lovely! Listening to them is not simply a pleasure. they are native .) Each person of the group complements each other. If someone of them was not, God forbid, it wouldn't still have it .. .. I am delighted with them, the unique voice of Chester and Mike, with the excellent work of all the guys, Joe, Rob, Phoenix and Brad!) I love and respect them so much!.. I am delighted with their old songs and new too. With them and I grow up. Thanks you guys for everything!!!)))
when i first heard lp, the first song i heard was bleed it out in 2007 , so im a little late, but then, this thing came on mtv, and it was playing all of their music videos, and their wasnt one song i didnt like.... then i got their albums, minutes to midnight, meteora, hybrid theory, and reamination. then i found out about fort minor like 2 months ago, then i found out they came out in like.... 2005. its nice to know that they r coming out with a new album, ill be sure i wont be late for that one, and ill get it in the same year it came out... lol :D Thx LP for making such great music!!



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