would love to see
Linkin Park live n
shake their hands n
even hug ..)and u?

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I saw them this year here in Argentina, great show :)

Even I am form India and just want on opportunity to see them rocking in a concert.

i saw them this year in my country in chile

it was cool i hope to have another show soon

yes I meet them in Paris this year, I was at the M&G and they're all very nice and funny and I love them!! since that day I'm a little bit depressed because I need to see them again!!  :((

@fatmax: got to my page, you'll see me with Chester, siiting just right in front of me on the group's pic

iv been to see the band twice. once in 2007 and once this year. this year i got to actualy meet the band too, shook all their hands and chated to them, they are great guys...it was an amazing experiance i sat next to brad and ohoenix for the group photo in the brisbane meet and greet


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