Hi guys... I really need you help... I tryed many times to login to LPunderground chat... To be part of chatting with Linkin Park "guys" but i couldn't... Does anyone of you know how am i suppose to login in?? Please guys help me out...

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When what came out?
To create your account to LPU chat you went to the tinychat site and create an account by your own?
yes. You need this to participate in the chat. So when you have an account there, you have to log in with this in the LPU chat
ok I did that... I create my tinychat account... when wthat???

Ok. I don't know if it works the same way it worked with livestream, but I think it does.

You should go t the LPU chat and then there should open up a window that says something like that you have to log in with a tinychat account. Or you have to click somewhere to login by yourself

ok ok this is not for me... I don't get it and i think its ti complicate for me... So really thank SOOOOOOOOOOO much for your help.... I really hope to talk with you guys soon.... Thanks again and see you.....


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