ok, so what i got so far from my question's, was that there is no log in cause LPU and linkinpark.com became one site, so when we log in to linkinpark.com we'r logged into LPU and LPUX,


and that the LPUX annual pass holders are the only members that can have access to M&G's, 



And the " taste your access " thing lets you know that you have access to the M&G's and the pre-seal tickets,the picture takes the place of a code, so just the LPUX joiners got a picture and the LPU9 members got the code.

and there is ! know separate site ! for the LPU LP members, and the LPUX members. its all one.


and there is no LPU chatroom up yet, it will be, but i don't no when.



ok let me know if this was any help.




William Thomson said:

this answered heeps. you seem to of gotten further with questions than i could get...thanks for the information, im also wondering though the same as some others, whats will happen to the LPU exclusive content. will it only beable to be veiwed if you have the lpu membership when you log in?




ok i cant answer this so i put it up for you so that someone can.

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ahh thank you so much :)

Thanks for the info!

I just went to the M&G in Sydney and having that opportunity was definitely worth the membership price.

While more order is being established on the site here, various confusions will blow off but I believe it will probably turn out a lot better in the end, once the dust settles. 


you'r all connected, your good.

Luke Dampney-Williams said:

Thanks for answering some of our unanswered questions Crystal.


But how do you know if your account on linkinpark.com is LPUX enabled. I am a LPUX annual member...but the account i am using on lp.com is just connected to facebook.

Plus howcome the price for LPU went up? Im curious to found out why its $60 now...it must of gone up for the LPU Summit pa****. 


I think the LPU organisers are trying to bring the past LPU community together with the LP.com (public) community. Also they are trying to make the LPU more practicable, with the start of LPU Summits, and more meet n' greets.






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