Hi Everybody! Everybody who got "annual online LPUX pass" and RSVP, will go to meet and greet, or just some people randomly?

Hi Everybody!


Everybody who got "annual online LPUX pass" and RSVP, will go to meet and greet, or just some people randomly?

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Well, everybody can require a pass for the M&G and RSVP a place, but just somebody will be selected to go there and the selection is random :)

Thanks the answer. That not good. :(  what are the chances, because i get in? 


Sorry for my bad english. :)

There are many more possibilities than before to be choosed don't worry :) for example, i was choosed for the M&G for the show in Frankfurt some months ago but i didn't go anymore because i've read the email just the day after the concert -.- now i've reserved the place for the M&G in Italy even though i don't care if i'll be choosed or not because i'm gonna meet Linkin Park on the Summit in Germany ;D so don't worry, i'm pretty sure you'll be probably selected for the M&G ;) and don't worry for you English, i think mine is worse! ahah xD

Thank you for your encouragement. I hope so. : D What was the letter that you forgot to read? I'm interested in what one of these. : D Can you send me? My e-mail: irmesbence@gmail.com


Thanks. :-)

You're welcome! but i'm sorry but i can't send it to you because i've deleted it, i was to angry for retain it! xD and the problem is that now i don't remember what was written there! xD Maybe you should see an email that there is written something like: you've been selected for the M&G!, or something like that and i think you should print out the email ;)
Thanks anyway. :) Every day I look at ten times the e-mails to see if something is coming. : D  My dream is common foto with Chester and Mike. :D
Eheh maybe, if you will be selected the email should be sent to you a few days before the M&G ;) and, yes, we have the same dream! I hope i'll be able to take a pic with Chester and Mike or anybody of the band at the Summit! it would be sooo awesome for me!! *__*



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