I finally got my LPUX membership! I have been an LPU'er since LPU 7.0 but didn't renew when LPU X was lounged, because there was a lot of stuff going on in RL and I didn't have the money..


So now I'm back, but I'm kinda confused as to how this LPU X thing works.. I see some major changes - like for example, it seems like there isn't an exclusive site that only LPU members has access to... Or is there? If so, where?


Other questions:


- Where can I find other LPU members other than the LPU group in lp.com?

- Is there any message boards of sorts only for LPU'ers like the old lpu message board?

- Are my LPU and lp.com profiles seperate? Or do these kinda "overlap" so to speak?

- How does the band member chat work? Is it still in the regular chat room?

- Any other new important features I should know about? I can't seem to find my way around here so some guidance would be nice.. :)


I know this is a lot of questions, but really hope you guys can help me..!

I just can't wait to become a part of the community again! :D


Love, Janni :)

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I was wondering the same things actually.

I will answer to the best of my knowledge :D

don't quote me though ok! Take it all with a grain of salt..


Ok, firstly dont worry about being confused I think a few of us are!


- The LPU message boards are 'coming soon' so hopefully we will see something that resembles the message boards in the days of old


- As far as I can tell you are able to make a separate lp.com profile to your LPU one if you wish - however, I just log in with my facebook account so I don't keep forgetting my damn password so my profile is the same one for both - or similar - or whatever you want to call it. enough that any of my friends on the LPU will be able to tell its the same person.


- The band member chat is in the new LPU chat, it is a video chat room, you go to the same chatroom for regular chats as you do band chats. You do need to set up an account at tinychat.com to use it but. (just go to the lpu chat and it will prompt you) I did all that but cant get it to work so I dont know what that is.maybe just a glitch.


anyway - i would recomend watching the video that mike did for the LPU on the LPu site it explains some of the new stuff.

 IF YOU ORDERED YOUR MEMBERSHIP BEFORE MAY 2 They will send you a membership package but you need to fill out the details and register for it HERE (  http://lpu.linkinpark.com/redemption/  ) They will stop it after the 16 may!!!!!!!!!!!! so do it now if you haven't already. you wouldnt want to miss out



Hey! Sorry for the late answer, but thank you for answering my questions! :D



Happy to help. Let's hope that the little confusion we have would be reduced. 


1) The LPU fans who subscribed to LPUX in between November-December are all in LPU group here. I assume all the LPU9ers had a LP.com account except few cases. And as I remember transition of 9.0 to 10.0 was done a month before the usual cycle time so majority of fans had joined LPU group.


You can go to username thread within the group for finding out your friends. (e.g. my username Extreme) Many fans are holding on to their username beside their names or picture to keep themselves within the LPU circle therefore you can search for them in LP.com communities & profiles in case they haven't joined the group. There might be newbie LPUX members who subscribed for the first time in LPU for summit or package or hopefully band and haven't yet joined the group. In that scenario standard friends making procedure across the website. :)

5) Le Onie has already answered rest of your questions awesomely. But I am just going to expand the last one a bit. Access to Exclusive Downloads from LPTV archive in high quality format is a grand feature. I was overwhelmed when I heard it. Plus giveaways. On top of that, benefit of downloading LPU CDs(1-4) is really huge. My HTEP tape was more than 10 years old & CDs of that EP are almost extinct. But to get the legitimate high quality download of that priceless LP gem in $5.99 is simply amazing. It's not that I don't appreciate & love the work LPUHQ have done for 10th edition and are still doing but I would subscribe to LPUX just for that feature only. Respect.



lpu.linkinpark.com is the dedicated website for LPUers. LPUTV, LP*TV download archive, Music downloads, Free downloads, Chat & Store are the perks & benefits only exclusively available to LPUX members. We've seen that LPUHQ have given tremendous efforts for organizing & planning summits/packages. These parts are not easy. Their job is time consuming & cumbersome. Transition of website plus availability of all other privileges & freebies takes a toll on every aspects. Now we should be really supportive & co-operative for message board or members networked website.



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