Hey LPUers:


Hurricane Irene is getting closer, and the east coast is going to be affected starting tomorrow. This thread is for all affected LPUers to check in (if possible) and let everyone know they are ok. 


IF YOU LIVE IN: FLORIDA AND GEORGIA: Check in today if you can. Hurricane Irene is close to Florida. 


IF YOU LIVE IN: NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAROLINA, VIRGINIA, MARYLAND, WASHINGTON D.C: Check in Saturday if at all possible. IF YOU ARE EVACUATED, LET US KNOW WHEN YOU'RE GOING TO YOUR EVACUATION SHELTER AND WHEN YOU'RE HOME. We want you to be safe, but don't take up other people's time using the computers at your shelter.


IF YOU LIVE IN: NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK CITY/LONG ISLAND, CONNECTICUT, MASSACHUSETTS, RHODE ISLAND: Check in Monday if at all possible. Again, all evacuees in these states should let us know when you're going to your evacuation shelter and when you're home.


If you need any information about how to prepare for Irene, go to www.fema.gov. Also check with your local Red Cross.


Stay safe!!!!!   

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so you shouldn't be posting here. this is for people who were affected by irene. 

Jack said:



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