All of us here agree that Linkin Park is one of the best bands, but how many other people think that? I played numb a few days ago in a class and during the song some peeps said that Linkin Park's music sucked. I think it's because Linkin Park isn't as worldwide known as we'd like it to be. You're much more likely to hear somebody talk about nickelback or something. What do you think??

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Hello benjamin, keep your comments for other blogs, this is only for fans of LP and you apparently are a fan of Cindy Lauper and Boy George ... Definitely no one is perfect, opsssss
agree with you, in my Twitter and Facebook I have a lot of information LP, my friends ask me about them and I tell them they have been film soundtrack super good and I recommend songs like What I `ve Done, Leave Out All The Rest and ......, also other feelings inspired his lyrics and poetry, check out the discussions of some fans, create amazing lyrics from the LP experience. Always bring something to the popularity of LP,

well no one really likes linkin park really (where i live), but i try to talk to my friends and tell them to listen to the music but the lyrics too... if there was some way that linkin park could go to smaller towns for cheaper prices (every once in a while) but people would go and check them out and alot would pobubly like it. like the band hawthorne hights, im not really a fan but theres a consort about an hour away thats 15 bucks per ticket, and its in a small town, i know alot of people from my school that are going there, some fans, some think there ok, and most of them are going just because its a cheap consort, haha idk but it will work if they want to do that...
Every good band has their haters. For example, there are lots of people out there who don't like The Beatles' music, and say they suck and whatnot, but The Beatles were the #1 best selling group for like 20 years straight, losing their #1 spot to Eminem just last year. Linkin Park was #8 on that list, BTW. The truth is, nobody can make music like Linkin Park and the more popular they get, the more unpopular they will become with those certain kinds of people. EVERY close friend I have listens to and likes Linkin Park almost as much as I do. Several of them have no problem saying that Linkin Park is their favorite band. If it were any other way, we probably wouldn't be close friends, lol!
linkin park is one of the best band and i think that to try to comparete them with other bad it somthing hard cause every and have his style. about popularity we know that hybrid theory the first album have a very impact cause it made the better sell of the deceni so if someone is not popular we can buy his album. linkin park made in HD with a fine technologie most of his clip. u said that u play num in class and they say that lp suck, u know the truth and if they are not right with it i got to word for them! if they dont like numb they can have they reason but about the band i dont see smthing to gossip
this is my theory on Linkin Park, Linkin Park's music is completely revolutionary. Their ability to distort rock to be able to rap over it is incredible and has never been done before. Some people don't like change, and thats fine. LP's diversity and connection that they can create for their fans has made them popular, otherwise how else would they be able to reach people from all over the world. Like Linkin Park, or don't, the point is theres nothing we can do to force people to like them. The most we can do is let them listen to the various types of music that they produce and maybe one song will strike an interest in the person? After all the skill of Collision Course, the beauty of Minutes to Midnight, the raw energy of Hybrid Theory, theres a version of LP for everyone
I've tried telling my friends about Linkin Park but they say that LP's music sucks. I don't think it's the popularity of the band it's their genre of music. All my friends listen to pop radio that makes my ears bleed.
Some of my friends don't like the band but they like some of LP songs. I'm glad with those friends who like LP songs!
I think each country is different. For example, in my country - Cyprus - almost everyone likes LP. Maybe that's because Cyprus is a small island. But I also think that those people who don't like LP, don't really know to listen and "choose" music. They just listen what the majority does. The only thing you can do is to keep on loving and supporting Linkin Park.
As Bunny said,
The Most important thing matter is that We Love Them
Linkin Park To Death!!!!
Now Linkin park Hybird Theory was the very first ablum I brought and I would agree very strongly that they are an amazing band but I'm not sure if 30 second to mars are better or if LP are better.
well, 1 of my friends told me that linkin park tried to portray the style of another band...
of course i did not agree,,,
according to mike's rap..
"rock and hip-hop has been collaborated for years.."

so for me, it is all about the style and the way they put their own touch in every song that they make...
LINKIN PARK thought me how to get hooked seriously on a band...
and honestly,.. they are the best damn thing that my learning career have known..

"emotions that can't be act are explained through music.."

and their songs will remain inside my head until my last breath!!!

hell yeah!!! =)
with frequent play/sing the song Linkin Park, Linkin Park will be more "famous".......



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