All of us here agree that Linkin Park is one of the best bands, but how many other people think that? I played numb a few days ago in a class and during the song some peeps said that Linkin Park's music sucked. I think it's because Linkin Park isn't as worldwide known as we'd like it to be. You're much more likely to hear somebody talk about nickelback or something. What do you think??

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i think dat those who thkink that LP sucks r idiots . i love 2 listen LP than any other bands
LP's music does anything but sucks!!! I have found that most LP haters are close-minded....unable to hear anything but the anger and screaming....when the songs actually have a much deeper more profound meaning!!!! Not everyone can or will relate to the issues raised or the emotions evoked by the would be churlish to expect that....but I know that in my mind LP are one of the greatest bands ever and the likes of Nickleback...whilst good in their own right...are not of the same ilk as LP!!!!
I agree Shannon....think the "manufactured" band ethos is seeping into most music nowadays....but LP is not going to follow trends...they are going to continue to push the boundaries of THEIR music and allow themselves to develop as they see fit!!!

I strongly believe LP are ONE of teh greatest bands EVER and I hope they continue to make evokative meaningful music and not the tripe and shite that seems to pass as music nowadays, viz modern rnb crap such as tinie tempah or whatever his name is!!!!! Surely for some of the dross that makes it nowadays there ought to be a massive court case brought against them for crimes against music and trade descriptions!!!!!

Shannon Knight said:
Linkin Park is one of best bands out there. Personally, Linkin Park is one of the few bands that I still listen too. It just seems like lately there are a bunch of "one hit" bands out there. I love music way too much to follow what people say what is good or not good.
Sorry Bunny but your smokin something wicked if thats what you think, if you think what someone else thinks. LP was around before rap/rock was big and it'll be round long after, i doubt you can say the same for NIN..
all i have to say is .. LP ROX !!!!!!!
Linkin Park is great, it's just some people are jerks.
I am form India and love them just like my friends. Hope they could come to India.
LINKIN PARk rocks and will keep rocking.....Peace out.
ikr man! in my school, there are only a handful of LP fans because the rest are either Beiber fans or K-pop addicts. everytime i rant about LP news to my fellow "isolated" LP fans, other people tell us we're weird. they just don't appreciate REAL music. no other band can compare to LP's musicality and creativity. LP ROCKS!



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