So, I postet a discussion also on the forum, but no one really saw it, so I ask you guys here again.


On facebook, there are two people, who were saying that they're Mike and Chester, but I don't really believe, it, because two years ago,Mike postet a blog on, where he said that he don't have a accound, so I think he don't has one now either, but all the people aren't believe me.


So please guys, help me.


Does Mike or Chester or the other members have a personal facebook site??



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Yes, I wanna know it too... I think, they haven't time to be on facebook, but what if they have??? Please, answer who know it exactly...


Read that. Do not add anyone claiming to be a band member as a friend. They are lying, and in some cases may try and send you spam or viruses.  Use your common sense and realize that the band has a lot of stalkers and would never allow themselves into a situation where a stalker would friend them.And even if they had a personal page for their families or something, its none of your business.


They have a fan PAGE, and that's ALL they have on facebook.

One facebook account has stated that its not REAL mike shinoda. I dont know if there are like others too. But I dont think they are real.

Good question Melina, since you can not see who is there behind the profile..

I think if you want to know if he is a lier or not read his information if

it the same what you got from all sites and the pictures that means he is lier

you need to focus his way in talking to know that he is lying

and if mike said that he dont have an account , then why should he have one now ? ^ـ^


thx for info guys!( * . ~ )

thank you guys so much ;)



yeah I already read that, but some people say, it's to old to say that Mike hasn't one now....but okay, I think they do not have a personal facebook site ;)


thanks :)



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