FYI -- Don't forget this band is on an insane tour... and it includes national domination tonight on a new Saturday Night Live with Dana Carvey. Looks good! OMG! 


Tonight. 5 Feb 2011. Saturday Night Live. Check for showtime.

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Yes people catch our LP within the next 30 minutes on the east coast.  It will be a great reminder of the show we enjoyed front row in Atlanta on 1/23!  We love these guys and have for over a decade so catch this kids!  They are the rock stars of the century!  You know they have got to be tired - rockin' in NYC and this show.  They are so gooooooooooooooood to us!

Rock on LP.  We appreciate it so frigging much!



Rockin into the night...  Name that band!  Shows my age and I don't care.  Bring it on LP.  You gots it!  And yes I was an english major!  Gots that!

I know....can't wait...just 6 more minutes for me!
"Musical Guest: LINKIN PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Party Time, Excellent! LOL, looked like they were a little though.

D. Riviera said:

I know it's so awesome for LP to be part of this awesome reunion for SnL cast members!  My cat and dog think I have lost it because I'm freaking so excited.  I'm almost 40 and they (as in LP) still get me excited!  My man and I are going to have fun after this show:0)  LMAO


Thank you LP once again.  I'll take what you give (yes that's from as Tesla song Phoenix)!



party on!

Kimberly Lentz said:
I know....can't wait...just 6 more minutes for me!
Party on.  My man is not loaded tonight and I'm getting on his nerves.  Payback is hell, but at least my excuse rocks like the mother fucking band.

D. Riviera said:
Justin Bieber?! on Church Chat?! Oh my!
Coming up next......... you know who

Waiting For The End: Love the laser effects on stage, very nice. It brings out the holographic video behind them.


They are an amazing team.




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