Haven't been active here for a while.. anyways did I miss this? or anybody got LPU9 newsletter?


I searched lpu.linkinpark.com but couldn't find it. They have mentioned the online newsletter of LPU9 in lpu8 newsletter pdf. 

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no they did not i have been thinking about that a few weeks ago
yeah - i haven't gotten an LPU9 newsletter either...

Generally they issue it for the download at the ending cycle of that year. But we are aware of what happened at the end. HQ were so busy plus once they disabled the website in November-December, it was kind of impossible to share that newsletter PDF to only LPU members.


I also remember that there were threads regarding this. Someone from LPUHQ also posted in that thread regarding the submission of awesome blog material by LPU members & they were going to pick the articles or quotes from the submissions & feature the chosen ones in LPU9 newsletter. 



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