I think the fan club should add another feature for the LPU members to gain early access to the ground floors before the public does since we are paying that little bit extra for the fan club and showing our support.


I'm sure that many of you including myself would appreciate this feature very much.  This could be a daily/yearly task similar to what they do with the Meet and Greets and have a access point for the LPU members to meet up somewhere different in the venue before the show starts.


What do you think? Lets make this happen

-Colin Reid

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I totally agree! Why shouldn't we when we pay for our extra (awesome) memberships? And that would probably make more members of the LPU as well (yay!) :D
i agreee with this it would so nice to be earlier on tha concert to get best place :D
We kinda deserve it though..... LPU fans are the most hardcore fans worldwide ;D
i agree colin!!
agreed! ;)
i agree too. :D
I agree. For me, that would mean that both my husband and sohn would have to join LPU too, as we attend the concerts together, but even though, I think it would be worth it...
Yeah! Would be Great!!

sorry but I don't agree with this idea. We pay for the club, right,BUT we get so much for that. We can buy the ticktes earlier then the non LPU members. Why should we have right to access earlier, too? There are people waiting in front of the location from the morning till doors open. It would not be fair, that we (LPU members)  will come half an hour before doors will open and standing in the first or/and second row.

We are already in many non Members bad books. Because of the benefits for members, like Meet and Greet.
We shouldn't enlarge the gap between the differen kinds of fans. I hope the band and the responsable people of Headquarter are same opinion.



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