I think the fan club should add another feature for the LPU members to gain early access to the ground floors before the public does since we are paying that little bit extra for the fan club and showing our support.


I'm sure that many of you including myself would appreciate this feature very much.  This could be a daily/yearly task similar to what they do with the Meet and Greets and have a access point for the LPU members to meet up somewhere different in the venue before the show starts.


What do you think? Lets make this happen

-Colin Reid

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Thanks for understanding =)

sarock87 said:

I am LPU member and I totally agree with you. I don*t know if Renèe GOT this point, but we get enough benefits for the membership.

Renèe I don't like the word "deserve". That's why I always say we do not deserve anything. The current benefits are okay and enough for this 60$

I quote: "In my opinion the eternal image of LPU member is not "we're better" as maybe most of people think but i think it is "pay pay more than the other for getting more than the other"."
Pay more...for getting more... right, this should be the eternal image and the bands intention, but reality is another one. Ask non-members, ask Elizabeth. I speak to lot of non-members and explain the intention of LPU and being LPU member.

It is not correct to get a benefit in every case or everywhere. Because this is somethink like class stratifitcation.
Oh Mike Shinoda wrote something in his blog, then all people I know (including me) have to be wrong! Right, he wrote something about being member and non-member. Have I to be same opinion? No. I think that he is wrong in some points, too. Not all points wrong, but he has got a different view then the fans. He is not able to see the thinks like the fans do. It is not possible to do that for anybody.
Don't get me wrong, I like Mike, I like LPU and I respect your opinion. I try to explain my opinion and some people try to narrow the gap between the fans.

Elizabeth*<3 Breaking the Habit* said:

And for the record I don't think LPUers should get early access. You probably think I'm just saying that cause I can't afford it but thats not it. LPUers already get opportunities that other fans can't get. Like the live chats with the band, videos and you get the chance to go to meet and greets. And probably plenty of other stuff too. So isn't that enough? Cause for people who worked hard to get tickets to come in and see a bunch of people already up in the front and waiting, that will just kinda suck...won't it? Just something to think about. =)
Yes that is perfect! Even if they don't add a DVD i would prefer this than a DVD

100% AGREED!!!! 

Rositsa Ivanova said:

Colin for president!
Well Elizabeth, I think this could be totally much better than a DVD and all the archives which are included in the package!

We don't deserve it?

See it in this way, it would be a benefit and just that. If you don't want to take it, don't do that.

Remember, "Access to concert presale tickets and BEST SEATS in the house"

So? what we are talking about? 


I'm Agree with the idea, if you think we don't deserve anything, I don't care, you don't talk on behalf of EVERY  LPU member :)

Thanks Colin! *_*
I think you guys should ask some other non-LPU members and see what they think. Then maybe you'll see what I'm talking about. :/
But the LPU deal says we're gonna have access to the best seats in the house, so... why not? I mean, the best seats is obviously in the front!
of course this would be an awesome feature for us LPUers, but I also totally agree with what sarock87 says. no need to make the distances between LPUers and other fans bigger! most of them are just as hardcore fans as us, but maybe they don't have the opportunity to be an LPUer. I don't know how much $60 is in every country around the world, but here in Norway that is a smaller amount of money than my membership at the gym pr month!! and we ALREADY get ALOT for $60 from LPUHQ! I think we all should be grateful for what we actually get!



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