Hey, I got an e mail saying that all LPU members were supposed to get some merchandise from when we first signed up, which for me was quite a while ago. Anyway, they said that it was free and to put your info down, like what size you wanted etc...it printed up a receipt and said it would take a few weeks to arrive. I was wondering if anybody else got this, and if they ever received the merchandise. If so I'd really appreciate it if someone, anyone could let me know whats up. Thanks a lot LP ROCKS!!!!

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I got mine last saturday :D the shirt is so awesome *-*
I've got it today, Croatia. Just great:))))

Okay, so we ( the people from other continents) will get them in 4-6 weeks I suppose :)


Edit: Shit, I didn't see that there's a 2nd page :D

Mhm Croatia? So it will arrive soon in Germany? xD I hope so :(

I received my merch pack to Finland yesterday, after 2 months of waiting..

The E-Mail with the receipt includes a "Check Status"-Button. Click it and there will be your browser opened with information on the shipping date at the bottom.

I ordered my package at June 26, 2011 and my shipping date is now the 5th of September. And I'm living in Germany, so the shipping itself will take some time, too.

So may the patience be with us ;o)

Shit, my biggest problem is that i have no email with the receipt anymore... i forget to safe -.-


man I ordered it in May and it's still not here...

yeah i ordered my on the 5th of this month still hasnt come feel like such a newbie.... oh!!! and 4 the other aussie lpu members how long did it take for your gear to arrive?? still waiting the suspense is litrillay killing me X0
Why i dont care. I am a real fan. There music is enough for me! And it should be for you also!
Got mine 2 weeks ago. I live in NYC.
I just joined LPU, what should I do to get that merch? Pls someone answer me. Thanks in advance.
hey just cause where excited bout the merch doesnt mean we are not "real fan's" so to speak seriously we just want a rough idea of when its coming, but yeah the merch is like i dunno 3rd priority compared to the band and theier muisic..

On May 3, 2011 I ordered the: LPUX Annual Membership that come with a Merch Package (t-shirt, Device case and a Mike Shinoda Print). Only July 22, 2011 I emailed them asking for a status update only to again get the reply: "Please allow a minimum of 8-10 weeks for shipping after you order your package. You do not need to contact customer support to determine the status of your package because LPU will keep you up to date on the package status."


It's been 12 weeks since I placed the oder, my credit card was IMMEDIATELY charged - I have gotten no updates on shipping other than the receipt which said "usually ships in 72 hours".


If I'm not the only one being effected like this trying to purchase LP merchandise - this is TopSpin is a bad mark on LP's good name!



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