Hey, I got an e mail saying that all LPU members were supposed to get some merchandise from when we first signed up, which for me was quite a while ago. Anyway, they said that it was free and to put your info down, like what size you wanted etc...it printed up a receipt and said it would take a few weeks to arrive. I was wondering if anybody else got this, and if they ever received the merchandise. If so I'd really appreciate it if someone, anyone could let me know whats up. Thanks a lot LP ROCKS!!!!

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I think it has nothing to do with no real fan...

We just want to know why some people already get their packages and some people not...



I wrote an email to the LPUHQ because i wanted to know if they could check up for me if i really ordered the package (but i'm sure!)...

No answer 'til now...

Still no newz and itz been almost 3monthz if not more..I figured that it would take a bit longer for me because I'm in Canada, there waz the canada post strike and I moved in July but it turns out that that had nothing to do with me not getting my stuffz because many other ppl haven't gotten their stuffz either. Itz really a shame because ppl were really complaining b4 the free merch annoucement and I'm guessing the more time goes by the more ppl will get aggravated because they will feel az though LPUHQ said we would be getting free stuff to shut ppl up!....They wouldn't do that.....

I'm in Canada as well. 

I did get my merch today BUT the LPU item:  Original Mike Shinoda Print turns out to be some tattoo stick on thing.  Needless to say I'm highly disappointed.


I know I will never order from TopSpin again - no matter who the artist is or how badly I want the item.  The number of complains across the web about them is just countless.


I wish you all the best in getting your shipments.

Hey Tashia

I've been a member of LPU, and it took 1 month before I got the package. It took a little time and I have now joined again. It is about 3 weeks ago I ordered a year's membership of the LPU and I have not received the package yet. But it'll come, it may take some time.

yesterday I got mine im sooo happy!!!! But I had to wait from May 15 till yesterday, so be patient. Im from Argentina love LP!!!!!!!!


I still haven't gotten any of my stuff :(

i jjust enter to the page , ii need to pay everymoth? ,I'm from Peru , and i really want to enter in the Chat that chester is giving today , grettings 



I still haven't got my package either.. I'm from Norway though so I expected it to take a while, but now I've heard that some norwegians have received theirs weeks ago, while I haven't heard or received anything :(

I may get my package tomorrow.

it is at the customs service office, because it seems they forgott to put on a receipt on the package. So now I can only pray the customs officer won´t think that this package is worth more than 25 € otherwise I need to pay 19% of taxes to my supposed to be free of charge package.......


Way to go....

Received mine yesterday, to Finland, and had ordered it about 6weeks ago
I received my package yesterday! I just had to wait exactly 3 months..
I have received mine, although they forgot to send me a shipping notice. I'm in the states, so people outside the united states should see their packages shortly.



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