Come on y'all, what was your screen name over there?

When did you first join?

What was your post count? :P



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Either between LPU6 or 7...stupid memory, lol!

I have no idea what my post count was...i don't think it went past 50.

I joined on the first lpu and my screen name was oncemorelp

you can guess my username. if you are successful figuring my name out won't be much of an issue :D


post count some 2000ish

old that is :(

LPU name: KC

Here since LPU 3.0


Haha, this FAQ was epic!!!!

dragonlp20© (Mod) said:
Sup peeps?

dragonlp20 over at the LPU, known by some as "The Unofficial Official Helper of the Mods"

My most notable thread there is probably the "LPU Issues FAQ thread"

I'd like to welcome all of you to the new!
i'm Gonzalo_Martin in LPU :)

My username for LPU 2.0 and 4.0 were ShortCirkitLPU.

My username for LPU 6, 8, and X is cincybmxlpfreak.

Don't remember my post count. It wasn't ever that high, though.


LinkinParkForever275 - 275 because on may 27th i was at my first LP concert

i joined pretty late, in June 2010 because i did not have a credit card earlier

my post count was arount 1,900 :)


i miss the old lpu :( i want it back, the new one = meeh

Gaglianoj was my first initial accout and i had over 2,000 posts. Was huge into the furums during 2.0 and 3... fell off line really after that. Other usernames were Hybrid Dialect and Hybrid Soidier. Minimal post counts. Joined at the tail end of the first year. I had to wait until i got my checking account up. Man was that a long time ago... lol. I was one of those 1.5 members that got both the first and second year packages.
I was MrsS, joined officially june 13th 2010 (extended my monthly membership trial). Post count, well...I was more posting in chat:D
218181 , i jioned on 11 feb



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